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Increase Energy and Physical Vigor with Deer Antler Velvet

by Ryan Carmody

Increase Energy and Physical Vigor with Deer Antler VelvetNot everyone takes Deer Antler Velvet to grow stronger bones or muscles. Many users just take it for extra energy and greater physical vigor and clarity of mind. Be aware that velvet gives you a different, deeper and more sustained energy, unlike caffeine.

Deer Antler Velvet is not caffeine and doesn’t feel or act like caffeine. It’s not an energy drink and you don’t get instant energy like you would if you took a diet pill or something with chemical enhancers. Energy from velvet comes over time as the body heals and grows healthier blood cells capable of carrying more oxygen to the organs-which is where energy comes from-the body burning fuel quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

People take velvet for more energy, but they end up with a health bonus, seeing things like:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Migraine headaches
  • Asthma
  • Digestive problems
  • Kidney and Liver problems
  • Cold hands and feet
  • Chronic skin problems (acne and psoriasis for instance)
  • Overactive bladder

resolve along the way too. Why? Studies show that when Deer Antler Velvet goes to work it protects the liver from toxins, stimulates the production and circulation of blood, and increases the number of red blood cells, which means your body can carry more oxygen to your organs. The “side effect” of the increase in all this activity is lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, fewer migraines, decrease in asthma attacks, digestive problems and all the other things listed above.

Because the velvet cures from the foundation up-meaning blood cells, cartilage and bone, it positively affects the entire body. You can feel the increase in energy, but unless you have blood work and other tests done you won’t feel or know how much your other organs are affected. The only way you “know” it’s working is through the increase in energy and vigor-a sure sign that more oxygen is getting through.

Red Blood Cells and Energy

Here’s a quick tutorial on energy and oxygen and why you want and need healthy red blood cells, the kind of healthy red blood cells that Deer Antler Velvet can produce.

The number one job of your red blood cells is to carry oxygen to the organs and all of your body. Even if you flunked basic science in school, you know that without oxygen we all die. And without the right amount of oxygen everything from fires, car engines and human beings struggle to burn fuel (whether that fuel is wood, gasoline or food, fuel needs oxygen). Bottom line? You need oxygen and you need a healthy amount of it. So you need healthy red blood cells capable of carrying and delivering that oxygen.

The health of red blood cells is measured by the count of hemoglobin, the protein that makes up the body of the red blood cell. When your hemoglobin count falls below 8 grams your energy and overall feeling of health falls too because your body isn’t able to get the oxygen it needs. You’re more likely to have headaches, pale skin and lips, and to feel a strain on your heart. You’re more tired, more fatigued and you think less clearly-all because you’re not getting enough oxygen. This is why people with clogged arteries have little energy. The arterial highways that carry oxygen-enriched red blood cells are narrowed and restricted, decreasing the amount of oxygen getting through to your organs.

So, if you want more energy, get more oxygen to your organs. Start by taking Deer Antler Velvet. Exercise and diet can help to move the blood around and to oxygenate it, but without healthy red blood cells to carry all that oxygen, it’s not as efficient a system as it could be. Take the velvet consistently, then gradually add exercise, 15 to 30-minutes of walking a day is all experts say it takes to experience major benefits. You’ll see your energy and vigor increase, even double as your body begins to experience the increase in oxygen to its blood and organs.

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