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Improve Mental Capacity with Deer Antler Velvet

by Ryan Carmody

We live in challenging and stressful times. Mental fatigue is a common byproduct of our current lifestyle. The aging process can also bring about decline in mental faculties. The good new is you don’t have to suffer through mental challenges like everyone else if you take care of your brain. Diet, exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and proper supplementation will keep you mentally sharp. Deer antler velvet has a long history of prescription in the East to ensure a sound mind, which I will explore below.

Improve Mental Capacity With Deer Antler VelvetDeer antler velvet has a strong reputation as an anti-aging tonic. The anti-aging effects are usually associated with physical aging, but antler velvet has been widely used to improve mental power. Studies have demonstrated this by showing how it benefits a plethora of mental and physical health processes that are involved with aging, including strengthening the mind and increasing the quality and length of life. Deer antler velvet’s blood building affects may hold the key to its brain boosting results.

Nourishing the bone marrow to stimulate production of blood, increasing the volume and circulation of blood throughout the body, and improving the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood are all attributed to deer antler velvet. These blood promoting benefits produce a healthier flow of blood to the brain, and it only stands to reason that mental capacity would increase and sharpen as a result.

Improved mental prowess is not limited to the elderly. Pregnant women in Asia often consume deer antler velvet supplements to ensure good health of their babies, mental and physical. Children in the Orient have taken deer antler velvet to boost their learning capabilities. Dr. Taney, a Russian scientist, was able to demonstrate a significant improvement in the mental capacity of young men taking a mathematical test following the consumption of deer antler velvet.

Everyone, young and old, can benefit from a better memory and improved mental clarity and alertness. Deer antler velvet’s history of use to strengthen the mind and to enliven the spirit is well documented. If you, or someone you know, could use a mental boost, deer antler velvet is an option worth trying to sharpen mental capacity, improve brain function, and keep your wits about you.

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