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Healthy Joints and Stronger Bones with Deer Antler Velvet

by Ryan Carmody

From tiny acorns great oak trees grow-if they have the right nourishment, supplements and food. Human beings are no different. We all know that healthy food; good diets and the right vitamins, minerals and supplements make for stronger, healthier bodies whether you’re growing a plant, animal or person.

That’s why Deer Antler Velvet is such a powerful addition to your body’s nutritional supplementation. It’s packed with the natural ingredients that grow stronger joints, cartilage and bones. After all, antler velvet is designed to grown the rock hard bones and antlers of elk, deer and caribou. The very things that create strong, healthy bones, like grow hormones, amino acids, minerals, phospholipids (fats), collagen, chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine sulfate, are the things that comprise Deer Antler Velvet.

Healthy Joints and Stronger Bones with Deer Antler VelvetVelvet contains natural growth hormones that affect both the growth and maintenance of bones. These hormones promote protein and fat metabolism, which stimulates cartilage growth. This process strengthens and lengthens bones-especially in young children whose bones are still forming. These growth factors, called somatomedins, are proteins the human body produces naturally in the liver. Other factors present in Deer Antler Velvet are IFG-1, an insulin like growth factor and one of the most important of the four growth factors necessary for healthy bones and cartilage in the human body.

Other amazing substances and properties of the joint healing agents found in Deer Antler Velvet include:

Protein – including all the amino acids needed for the building and repair of all tissues. Proteins are second only to water in things the human body needs to repair itself.

Glucosamine sulfate – one of the many amino acids in antler velvet, this particular one is an amino acid sugar. It occurs naturally in the human body and is the glue that literally helps hold tissues together. It’s the major component of synovial fluid-which is that viscously stuff that your kneecap and other joints float around in that serves as shock absorbers for all your joints. Think of it as the hydraulic fluid that keeps all your joints moving smoothly. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) – speaking of anti-inflammatory properties, nothing has more anti-inflammatory properties than Glycosaminoglycans. These agents are the most powerful substances known to medical science. They not only regenerate and repair cartilage, they’ve been clinically proven to be more powerful than their pharmaceutical counterpart, dexamethasone! They do more than combat inflammation. They also stimulate the immune response-which is actually a response to inflammation. That, in turn, helps fight viral, bacterial and fungal infections. One of the best side effects of GAGs is that they also inhibit the cell division of malignant or benign tumors.

There’s more:

Hyaluronic acid: The cement of connective tissue. Helps cushion joints. It’s a component of synovial fluid, the stuff that makes up the body’s “shock-absorbing” system.

Erythropoietin: A kidney-produced protein that helps increase oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

Hematopoietic: Forms the blood’s cellular components referred to as “stem cells” since they come from bone marrow. Antler velvet has been proven to have immunocytochemical reactions that prove it contains stem cells.

Prostaglandins: This incredible substance is really a collection of very small molecules that our bodies use to communicate with other cells, and that regulate the behavior of those cells. They’re involved in everything from regulating our reproductive tract and circulatory system to brain functions and inflammation. There are, of course, different kinds of prostaglandins, which do different things, but most play a central role in heart health, cancer and inflammation.

If you’re an athlete, worried about osteoporosis or have any concerns or conditions that involve your bones and joints, a thorough study of the literature and research on Deer Antler Velvet can help you understand all the processes that are involved, and how they work. These are just the primary ingredients found naturally in Deer Antler Velvet and what science and repeated studies have discovered about their role in healthy joints.

I turned to Deer Antler Velvet to help with chronic knee pain from years of playing basketball and other high intensity sports. Nothing brought more relief, and believe me I tried almost everything. Read my story to see how I “turned” it around.

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