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Deer Antler Velvet for Women

by Ryan Carmody

While deer antler velvet supplementation is more common among men, historically it’s been prescribed for women to combat a number of health challenges. Some of the more popular conditions women might be advised to take deer antler velvet include hormonal issues, often relating to menstrual problems and symptoms of menopause, infertility, and arthritis. This article will focus on the hormonal issues women can address with deer antler velvet. Please see the articles on relieving arthritis and sexual function for more information on those topics.

Deer Antler Velvet for WomenLeading up to and during the years a women goes through menopause many undesired physical and emotional symptoms often arise, such as increased stress, forgetfulness, mood changes, breast tenderness, and in certain cases osteoporosis. All of these unpleasant symptoms are a result of a women’s body adjusting to the major decrease in female hormonal production by the ovaries. Western medicine’s treatment for these issues often includes hormonal replacement therapy (HRT). While HRT often alleviates the negative effects of menopause in the short term, long term impacts of HRT are less than desirable. Thrombosis and uterine cancer are both linked to HRT.

For woman looking for an alternative method to balance their hormones during menopause, deer antler velvet may be the answer. Pantocrine, an active ingredient in deer antler velvet, is officially recommended for menopausal issues in Russia. Pantocrine has been found to alleviate menopausal symptoms as well as abnormal and delayed menstrual cycles. Pantocrine on its own can surely help women during menopause, but coupled with all the other “goodies” found in deer antler velvet one can only assume the impact would be that much greater. Also of note, women in China have been prescribed deer antler velvet for thousands of years to deal with sexually related problems, menopause included.

There’s no reason a women’s life needs to be disrupted and negatively impacted by the effects of menopause. While some discomfort may arise, addressing menopausal symptoms with a supplement like deer antler velvet can greatly reduce any pain or irritation. Additionally, deer antler velvet can elevate energy levels, improve immune function, improve sleep, and boost mental clarity and memory. Lastly, it’s my belief that you should always turn to nature first when dealing with a health problem because nature’s solution usually doesn’t come with any unwanted side effects.

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