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Deer Antler Velvet for Pets

by Ryan Carmody

Deer Antler Velvet for PetsOur pets can’t let us know where they hurt, or what their health issues are. Even if they could, most pet owners know their animals will generally suffer in silence as long as possible.

The first time many owners become aware their older dog or cat is in pain is when the animal is picked up and cries out in pain, or when they are touched in a normal way that causes abnormal pain. Others may show no symptoms until they stop acting and playing normally in an attempt to avoid pain in their hips or leg joints. Purebred and large dogs almost all suffer painful hip and joint problems at some time. In older dogs the pain is almost always related to joint, bone and muscle aches and issues around aging.

Just like their owners, animals develop osteoarthritis, tumors, immune disorders, bone fatigue and fractures and even the simple aches and pains of old age. Animals may hurt like their owners, but they also benefit from many of the same supplements. One of the best and safest supplements animals can take is elk or deer antler velvet. There’s virtually no difference between deer and elk antler velvet as elk are actually a form of deer since they’re both members of the cervids family, which includes moose, deer, elk, caribou and antelope.

Veterinarian Research

Proof of the benefit of elk velvet antler for osteoarthritis in dogs has been around for some time. A February 2004 study by The University of Montreal (Quebec, Canada), published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal, reported that:

“A powder of elk velvet antler was evaluated on client-owned dogs with osteoarthritis in a clinical, double-blind, and placebo-controlled study. Thirteen dogs received a placebo for 30 days and then velvet antler for 60 days. Twenty-five other dogs received velvet antler for 60 days. Gait analysis measured with a force plate, clinical signs assessed by an orthopedic surgeon, performances in daily life activities and vitality assessed by the owners, and complete blood analyses were obtained at days 0, after 30 days of placebo and/or 60 days of velvet antler. …their gait, their performances in daily life activities, and their vitality were significantly improved on elk velvet antler, based on changes in values exceeding those observed when placebo was administered. The 25 dogs on elk velvet antler for 60 days showed similar improvements. No clinical changes were revealed on blood analyses. Administration of velvet antler was effective in alleviating the condition in arthritic dogs.”

But it’s not just dogs that benefit from deer antler velvet. Exotic pets, horses, cats and other animals have all been shown to benefit from regular antler velvet supplements

What is Deer Antler Velvet?

When deer, elk and moose antlers are growing they’re covered with a sensitive skin called “velvet.” The velvet is filled with blood vessels that feed the antlers with the minerals and vitamins necessary for growing the antlers. This growth period takes from two to four months depending on the size and age of the buck. A hardened ring at the base shuts off the blood flow to the vessels after the antlers finish growing. That’s when the velvet deteriorates, dries up and falls off or is rubbed off by the buck that scrapes his antlers against trees to shed the velvet. Velvet for supplements is harvested before the velvet begins to dry up. It is collected humanely by veterinarians and doesn’t hurt the animal in the collection process. It is then processed into capsules, tablets, powder, or extracts.

What Does Deer Antler Velvet Contain That Helps Pets?

Deer antler velvet contains almost 40 key compounds, including calcium, copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sulfur, protein, collagen, lipids, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin, glucosamine, and prostaglandins.

What are the benefits of those compounds for dogs? It varies, but almost all have to do with strengthening the body’s tissues, cells and immune system.

Calcium: Needed for strong bones and teeth.

Magnesium: Storing and releasing cell energy.

Selenium: An anti-oxidant.

Chondroitin: An extremely powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Glucosamine: A naturally occurring amino sugar that is the main component of the synovial fluid that lubricates and acts as a shock absorber for the joints.

Prostaglandins: Also powerful anti-inflammatory agents.

L-Dopa: An amino acid that helps important brain functions like sleep, mood and learning. It also helps with the body’s responsiveness to releasing HGH into the body’s blood stream.

There’s no reason your pet has to suffer in pain. Deer antler velvet is a safe and proven solution for alleviating many of the ailments your pet might be experiencing.

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