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Deer Antler Velvet Extract: What You Need to Know

by Ryan Carmody

Deer antler velvet supplements are available in several different forms, but properly formulated extracts tend to be the most potent and effective. In this article I’ll focus on the extraction process utilized by Surthrival to produce their elk antler velvet products. I feel Surthrival has raised the bar above all other antler velvet producers. When choosing a deer or elk antler velvet supplement for yourself, keep the information presented below in mind.

The Russian’s set the standard for the extraction process during their extensive medical studies conducted on velvet antler, which Surthrival has taken a step further. The basic definition of an extract for our purposes is to soak something in alcohol, which will extract out the good stuff. Surthrival’s products are formulated using “living tips” from elk that are extracted in 100% organic grape alcohol. The quality of the antler velvet or antler tips and the alcohol used for extraction are vital to producing an excellent product.

Surthrival Immortal Antler VelvetSurthrival’s Immortal Velvet Platinum, Gold, and Silver are a 43:1 extract, meaning it takes 43 lbs of antler velvet to make 1 lb of extract. 100% organic grape alcohol is used for the extraction process because it strengthens the product and acts as an all-natural preservative. For maximum results, Surthrival’s elk antler velvet extract should be consumed sublingually by holding it under your tongue for 90 seconds allowing it to pass directly into the bloodstream. This is important as to reduce any break down of components like IGF-1 in the digestive tract. The 100% organic grape alcohol improves absorption by stimulating the glands under the tongue.

This extraction process yields a superior elk antler velvet tincture. Sprays and capsules are other common forms of deer antler velvet. Sprays can be effective if produced right, while capsules tend to be a little less potent, but may be just right for some people.

If you’re going to purchase an elk or deer antler velvet extract, check with the manufacturer to find out how they formulate their product to ensure you get a good quality supplement. You want to avoid wasting your money and most importantly experience the full effects of one of the most nutrient dense and health promoting substances around.

To learn more about Surthrival’s elk antler velvet products, see my extensive review of Surthrival Immortal Antler Velvet.

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