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Deer Antler Velvet’s Place in Chinese Herbalism

by Ryan Carmody

Chinese herbalism, also known as Chinese tonic herbalism, is an ancient traditional practice of medicine dating back thousands of years. The principals of Chinese herbalism have been meticulously documented and preserved over the years, unlike any other system of medicine. The premise of Chinese herbalism is to build up the body so that disease and illness never take hold. The absence of sickness coupled with an overall feeling of well being and vitality is the essence of Chinese herbalism.

Chinese herbs are often referred to as tonic, because of the tonifying effects they have on the blood and organs of the body. In the same way that a body builder lifts weights to tone their muscles, tonic herbs tone the internal organs. Chinese herbs are often categorized by which organ or organs they target. For example, Siberian Ginseng is known to tonify the spleen and kidneys.

Chinese Herbs Deer Antler VelvetAnother word often linked to Chinese herbs is adaptogen. An adaptogen has the ability to normalize many different bodily functions that may be out of balance. If your immune system is working too hard, as is the case with auto-immune disorders, an adaptogen can help calm it down. Or if your immune system is under active, an adaptogen will boost it up. Providing the body with the tools needed to adapt to an unwanted situation is precisely what the top adaptogenic herbs do.

Deer antler velvet is regarded as one of the top Chinese herbs because of its tonic and adaptogenic properties. “Emperor’s Tonic” is a nickname of deer antler velvet because it was once only available to Chinese royalty. While technically not an herb, deer antler velvet and other non-herbs like Ant and Pearl are included in the ancient system of medicine because of their extraordinary health promoting properties. Other top Chinese herbs include Ginseng, Reishi, and Royal Jelly.

Deer antler velvet’s inclusion into the upper echelon of Chinese herbs can be traced back thousands of years to the time when the Chinese started making tonics with antler velvet tips, extensively testing the effects over time. They discovered deer antler velvet’s ability to strengthen the kidneys, adrenals, bones, tendons, joints, brain, heart, blood, and more. Deer antler velvet has a positive impact on almost every major bodily system.

I encourage you to explore other articles on deer antler velvet and learn how you can benefit from this superior tonic herb.

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