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About The Editor

Ryan CamodyWho created this site, and why?

Ryan Carmody. I’m a 38 year old guy who felt compelled to share everything I’ve learned about deer antler velvet so that others can benefit as I have.

After years of playing basketball the wear and tear had taken its toll on my knees, in particular my right knee, which I had scoped in my twenties leaving me with only half of the meniscus (cartilage between upper and lower leg bones) in my knee. I figured from then on out I was only going to be able to play basketball, and other high intensity activities, once or twice a week and live with the pain.

Shortly after turning 30 I took a hard look at my diet and began making incremental changes to boost my overall health and hoped some relief from my knee pain would ensue. I did experience a little less pain, but it wasn’t until a few years later that I tried a deer antler velvet product for the first time. It wasn’t an overnight, miraculous healing, but I did gradually experience less and less pain during and after playing basketball. After about 6 months of consuming deer antler velvet on a regular basis my knee pain was nothing more than a little discomfort. Not only did my knee feel great, but I definitely noticed an increase in endurance, strength, and energy to boot.

With my knees feeling great I decided to do a little research on deer antler velvet, which included reading two great books on the subject: Velvet Antler, Nature’s Superior Tonic by Alison Davidson and The Remarkable Healing Power of Velvet Antler by Betty Kamen. These books coupled with the information Daniel Vitalis was putting forth left me with a wealth of knowledge that I just had to share with others. Thus, this site was born.

The goal of this site is to offer an online repository with easy retrieval of information pertaining to the extraordinary Chinese herb, deer antler velvet. Within the pages of this site I aim to capture all the history, lore, and information of one of the most regenerative substances known to man. I hope readers will be able to locate, learn, and discover that which they seek regarding deer antler velvet. I encourage feedback, both good and bad, regarding this site and its information.

Deer antler velvet is referred to by several different names, which are often just a reconfiguration of words. Here are a few examples, which all refer to the same awesome substance.

  • Deer Antler
  • Deer Velvet Antler
  • Deer Velvet
  • Velvet Deer Antler
  • Velvet Antler
  • Antler Velvet

While deer antler velvet is the primary focus of this site, other forms of antler velvet are also covered, such as elk antler velvet.

For a full review of the antler velvet product I take on a regular basis, see my review of Surthrival Immortal Antler Velvet.

Healthy Smoothies

Another passion of mine that has greatly impacted my health over the years is that of routinely consuming healthy smoothies. I can’t think of a better way to start your day than with a delicious and nutritious smoothie. I recently launched a site dedicated to healthy smoothies where you’ll find healthy smoothie recipes, tips, ingredients, accessories, and much more. Healthy Smoothie Headquarters is your online resource for everything relating to making the healthiest smoothies ever!

Affiliate Disclaimer

I believe in transparency online and therefore want to disclose the fact that I earn an affiliate commission on the deer antler velvet products that are linked to from my site. The money I earn is used for hosting and maintenance of this site, and if I’m lucky and make enough, a free bottle or two of deer antler velvet.